Attention 'Thor' Casting Director: Vincent D'Onofrio Would Like A Word With You

With "Iron Man" holding on to #1 at the box office for a second week, the Marvel properties certainly do seem hotter than ever. They've already announced "Captain America," talked about possibilities for an "Avengers" flick, and given "Thor" a June 4, 2010 due date.

So we're sure you've heard the speculation about Brad Pitt being the top name being tossed around for the title role. We wonder, now that "Layer Cake" director Matthew Vaughn is no longer helming the picture (apparently because his holding deal expired) does that mean Jason Statham isn't a contender? We're not sure if we should be relieved or disappointed.

But who do you think would make the most kickass Norse God of Thunder? Well, we think the star should be someone who made an unlikely appearance as the perceived hero back in 1987.

Yeah, that's Vincent D'onofrio in the film "Adventures in Babysitting." Amazing, right? So what are the requirements for the mightiest Thor? Does he have to be blonde? Buff? Have an affinity for helmets? Chime in below with your own thoughts.