Emma Stone Anxious For 'Superbad' Sequel

Emma StoneOver the summer, a nation of filmgoers fell in love with the adventures of Seth, Evan and their wacky buddy McLovin. Now, "Superbad" star Emma Stone is putting the word on the street that she'd love to do a sequel...if only Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and others would see her way of thinking.

"They wouldn't even have to pay me to be in a sequel," laughed the actress, who played love interest to Jonah Hill's character in the flick that grossed over $111 million. "I would pay them to make a sequel!"

"Ooh, like a romantic white horse 'Superbad' fantasy?" Stone pondered, offering up her idea for a romantic dream sequence with Hill. "Yeah, it could be done."

Nevertheless, Stone insists that life hasn't changed much for herself, even though she was probably best known before "Superbad" as Laurie on the ill-advised "New Partridge Family" TV show. "Not that many people recognize me, or come up to me, or anything like that," she said. "It's not really all that exciting to see me instead of Michael Cera or Jonah Hill. People have said really nice things, and I get a lot of MySpace messages ... a couple of creepy messages, but most people are enthusiastic and really liked the movie; it's a good forum to really get to talk to people."

Perhaps Stone should send Apatow's MySpace page an e-mail, cluing the super-producer in on her offer to make "Superbad 2" for free. "You should ask Judd if there will be a 'Superbad' sequel," she begged. "There are no talks yet that I've heard of, but you never know with those guys. You should go track them down."

"I have no problem with it if you guys want to make a sequel," Stone finished, upping the offer to the point where she said she'd pay them. "I'd be like 'Here's a zillion dollars! Thank you very much!' I loved making that movie."

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