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Biggie’s Studio Sessions Were Giant Parties

Jadakiss reflects on 'priceless' moments with Big.

Eighteen years after his death, The Notorious B.I.G. is still one of hip-hop's most celebrated MCs. Jadakiss -- who had some classic collabs with Biggie -- says a party vibe in the studio helped Frank White make iconic songs. During a recent interview, the Top 5 Dead Or Alive spitter broke it all down.

"All his sessions was parties," 'Kiss told Headrack. "His session is like a straight party. So, you gotta go through the party part of it first. That usually calms your nerves though. You’re doing all kinds of things in there that calm your nerves and then absorbing the beat. He'd make you feel good about going in there and recording your verse."

Those party vibes were accompanied by Biggie's uplifting spirit, according to 'Kiss. "Big didn’t have you feeling like you was on eggshells when you'd do a song with him," he explained. "He'd give you that extra battery in your back to complete the mission. Good people, good energy."

Jada, who worked on "Last Day" and "It's All About The Benjamins" with Big, understands what a gift those experiences are. "It's a blessing to be able to have recorded songs with such an iconic figure," he said. "That was a priceless experience."

Biggie also made Jada's recent Top 5 Dead Or Alive list, which he revealed in promotion for his upcoming T5DOA LP. So, who else is on 'Kiss's list? Jay Z, Nas, Styles P and DMX. Check out his barbershop discussion of the list below.

Top 5 Dead Or Alive is slated to drop Nov. 20.