Colin Douglas Gray / MTV

Do You Agree With Fabolous' List Of The Best N.Y. Rappers Ever?

Fab also announces two new projects.

Some fans have called Fabolous "the King of New York," so it seems appropriate to hear his list of the best MCs to come out of the Empire State.

"The five greatest New York rappers of all time," he told Billboard, before naming his picks. "Biggie, Jay Z, Nas -- those three are easy -- Big Daddy Kane and Rakim."

Those MCs made Fab's list because they all showed him "different lyrical content." And while he doesn't say this in the vid below, the site reports that Fab also acknowledged how much these rappers have influenced his steez.

"Those are the guys I listened to coming up and pretty much have pieces of each of their style in my style," he said.

In July, Loso spoke with MTV News about how he feels when he's called a king of New York. "I just try to do things for the city as a whole, to bring dope stuff back to New York,” he explained. “Of course, it’s the mecca of it all. So, I’m just trying to do my part."

Get ready for much more from Fab. Today, he announced two new projects. This month, he's set to release Summertime Shootout: A Mixtape Love Story on Nov. 26.

And on Christmas, fans should expect The Young O.G. Project 2.

Looks like it'll be a busy two months for Loso.