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Ja Rule Has A Solution For Wale And Meek Mill's Beef

Ja says people shouldn't be so 'sensitive.'

Ja Rule knows a lot about hip-hop beefs. After all, his old 50 Cent feud is still being talked about all the time. But recently, Rule was asked how he would mediate another rap dispute, the one between Wale and Meek Mill. Ja used that opportunity to break down how rappers are "too sensitive these days."

"People are too sensitive," Rule told Billboard. "People get butt hurt real quick, real easy these days over nothing. Like, 'Oh he said this about....' Whatever happened to sticks and stones? I just think people are way too sensitive these days, even when I see the celebrity's comment creeping over all these type of media outlets. Like for real? You actually took your time out of the day to answer this person that means really nothing in the grand scheme of things in your life? It's crazy.

"But you can tell that those people are very sensitive people," he added. "They don't have thick skin. They let things get to them. They get annoyed quickly and easily. You're in the wrong business, ‘cause this is the business that we're in. People are gonna take shots at you, people are gonna say negative things about you. People are gonna close doors in your face all day. This is the business that we're in, so if you are not built for that, you're gonna have a tough time in this business, especially ‘cause of social media."

Ja's energy hasn't really been on rap beefs of late. Instead, he's been focusing on "Follow The Rules," his MTV docu-series. But that hasn't stopped the feud questions from coming. Just yesterday, Ja was asked to comment on 50 Cent's bankruptcy.