Freck Yourself / Kickstarter

This New Kickstarter Is On A Mission To Make Freckles Available For Everyone

Their product lasts about a month.

Have you ever wanted to have freckles? A new Kickstarter wants to help you rock them like Emma Stone or Ed Sheeran do -- except unlike theirs, these aren't permanent.

Cosmetic company Freck Yourself has invented a way to get pretty realistic looking freckles using a special roll-on formula that you apply onto a stencil over the course of a few days.

Freck Yourself / Kickstarter

"Why freckles? For so many years, those of us without freckles have mocked our freckled friends, but we all know we were insanely jealous," Freck Yourself says on their website. "And now, the popularity of freckles is hard to deny."

The tattoos last for about a month, vastly improving on the previous too-temporary or too-permanent options -- buying a freckle pencil and applying it yourself every day or permanently getting someone to tattoo your face.

"The kit comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball of formula that is similar in formulation to sunless tanner," Freck Yourself says on their Kickstarter page. "The freckle patterns look natural and last 2 days. Users who apply Freck Yourself every morning have several layers of faded frecks, which produces incredibly realistic results for four to six weeks."

So far, the Kickstarter has only raised $402 of their $215,000 goal, but the campaign runs until the next month. If you want everyone to have access to superior freckle technology, you have until Thursday, Dec. 10 to make it happen.


To contribute to Freck Yourself, go to their Kickstarter page.

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