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Selena Gomez Rocked Blue Contacts At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

We hardly recognize her.

Selena Gomez... Is that you?

Tuesday (Nov. 10) at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Selena, who performed at the show, appeared on the red carpet hardly recognizable. Not only did she dare to wear a seriously revealing gown (plunging neckline and serious side slit, what's up), but she also rocked blue contacts which COMPLETELY threw us for a loop.

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Seriously, she just looks so... different.

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Selena's makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, posted a close-up pic of the singer in her new colored contacts (and signature pink Victoria's Secret robe). The honorary angel looks stunning, of course, but seemed to resemble former angel Adriana Lima more than the Selena we know and love.

Luckily, Selena is gorgeous at any hue. But what do you think of this bold new change?