Joyride: This Cab Driver Just Happened To Pick Up A Swimsuit Model

Seriously, this stuff only happens on the 'Middle of the Night Show.'

Call it a taxi driver's dream: Not only did a NYC cabby pick up a sexy swimsuit model, but he had the chance to win cash throughout the entire ride. Next stop: Utopia!

The incredible excursion began on tonight's "Middle of the Night Show" when frontman Brian “Murph” Murphy and crew chose Danish bombshell Nina Agdal as their latest host. Among her duties: Wave down a taxi for a game of "Crash Cab."

"New York cab drivers know the best ways to get around the city, but how much do they know about pop culture?" Nina asked (with the help of cue cards). And before long, it was time to find out with their very first contestant, Joseph.

“Which character does not appear in the 'Star Wars' franchise?” Nina asked before listing the choices. Other questions of note: "Who is in the band One Direction?" and “What is a Nae Nae?”

Joseph was actually doing pretty well — that is, until the group heard a crunch, felt a bump, and realized…well, see for yourself in the clip below. And don’t miss any of the action on the next “Middle of the Night Show,” Thursday at 11/10c!