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'Flash' Star Malese Jow Is Really Effing 'Proud' To Play Asian Superhero Doctor Light: 'It's Surreal'

It's Linda Park vs. Zoom on tonight's episode of "The Flash."

Malese Jow had no idea she would be suiting up to play a superhero this season on "The Flash," so to say she was excited would be a major understatement.

"It is completely surreal," Jow told MTV News about becoming Doctor Light. "You feel so special. It came out of left field. I had no idea that they were planning on putting Doctor Light on my plate. I thought Linda was cool enough! But being Dr. Light is awesome."

Correction: being Doctor Light was awesome. In tonight's action-packed hour of "The Flash," Jow will take on the more tedious task of being Linda Park pretending to be Doctor Light. (You know, since Team Flash locked Linda's evil-doing doppelgänger up in last week's episode.) Her mission now is to get Zoom's attention and tempt him out of hiding.

"Cisco, being the genius that he is, replicated Doctor Light's powers into these makeshift gloves," Jow said. "It's funny because Linda approaches the whole situation confidently. She's like, 'I'm doing this.' But then she realizes that she bit off a little more than she could chew."

"She gets thrusts right into Team Flash and helping them, so I got to have scenes with Danielle [Panabaker] and Carlos [Valdes], so it was really awesome," she added. "There were definitely some comedic, light-hearted moments in between the chaos."

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The significance of becoming Doctor Light was not lost on Jow. As an Asian American actress in the industry, Jow knew how much Doctor Light, an Asian superhero, meant to people.

"It was the biggest honor," she said. "The fact that they did want to make that happen, that they found an Asian character that could blend with Linda, and not only that, but they also picked the female version of that character... speaks volumes. It's super special to me. I'm so happy that I could bring these iconic characters to life because I know they mean so much to people."

"The industry is definitely taking strides when it comes to being more inclusive, with casting multi-ethic actors," Jow added. "I'm glad to be part of that movement. I've been a part of the CW family for years now, and they're on the forefront. I couldn't be prouder."

When asked about the possibility of appearing on every CW series, Jow, a longtime face on the network, said, "That sounds awful and exciting at the same time! Just jumping onto every show that I can on the CW. It would be so exciting if I could pop onto 'Arrow' or 'Legends of Tomorrow.'"

But first, she's got to join Team Flash. Linda's admittance to the squad may not be a one time only deal, but don't expect the reporter to uncover her former flame Barry's superhero secret anytime soon. To Linda, The Flash is just the speedster who's going to help her take down the bad guy.

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"That's not what's important to Linda in this episode," Jow said of Barry's secret identity. "She's just kind of focused on doing whatever she can to help the team and to get Zoom captured. She knows that she's the person for the job, given that it's her doppelgänger, so without even blinking an eye, she's in."

Linda's proximity to Team Flash will of course put her in serious danger, especially when she comes face to face with Earth Two baddie Zoom.

"Linda does come face to face with Zoom," Jow said. "It was really intense. He's absolutely terrifying, like, villain to the tee. She kind of goes toe to toe with him, and maybe The Flash steps in."

Hopefully, Earth-Two Harrison Wells and Team Flash's training was enough to prepare her for the perilous face-off.

"I did a training montage, and it was so fun," she said. "We had things blowing up. There was fight choreography. This episode is definitely action-packed, and it stretched me as an actress -- not only because I was playing two characters, but I also got to do way more stunts than I'm used to. I got to be thrown off the side of a building!"

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Yeah... so, that sounds super ominous. "When you have that much power coming out of the palms of your hands, I could see how that would be a little tricky."

Normally, we'd be scared for someone's life if they were thrust into a fight with a deadly supervillain, but we think the odds are in Linda's favor. After all, Wally West hasn't even been introduced yet.

"A lot of fans want to see that," Jow said of the potential romance between Linda and Iris' (half?)brother Wally. "They're really pulling for that relationship to happen -- I'd be on board for it."

That being said, Jow has "no idea" what the nature of Linda and Wally's relationship will be on "The Flash" when he ultimately does make his much-anticipated debut on the series.

"I think that's what is so cool about this show," she said. "Everyone in charge keeps things secret from everyone just so that it's a surprise. I definitely didn't find out about Dr. Light until the very last minute. So I definitely have no idea what they're planning on doing with Wally West, and that's all part of the fun."

Then again, if a romance did ignite between the two, Jow wouldn't be surprised. "If that happens, it would seem that speedsters would be her type, right?"