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Badass Fourth-Grader Refuses To Finish Homework Because Of 'Girl Code'

'You shouldn't date a friend's x boyfriend.'

Maddy Douglas is only in fourth grade, but she understands the unspoken rules of girl code -- not MTV's show "Girl Code," but real-life girl code -- better than many adults do.

When Maddy's homework assignment included a very bizarre math problem about who-dated-who-when -- seriously, why?! ? -- she had the most brilliant answer ever. Her mom, Jenn Morrison Douglas, posted the below image of Maddy's on-point response to The Huffington Post's Parents' Facebook page on Friday, Nov. 6.

"Maddy had never really seen me disgusted in that type of manner ... I consider myself to be a completely open-minded type person and as a single mom, try to teach my children about equality and about different types of people they will encounter," Douglas told HuffPost, "but my first reaction was it was not an appropriate question for a fourth grader or really any grade." ???

Agreed. Yes, the if-Johnny-bought-three-crates-of-apples-and-ate-five-apples-but-gave-three-to-an-overeager-squirrel-how-many-does-his-best-friend-Joey-want questions aren't exactly exciting, but there have to be more age-appropriate ways to *spice up* a fourth-grade homework assignment without bringing a weirdly overlapping dating scenario -- even if it is in high school, as the question specifies -- into the picture. Amiright?!

According to Douglas, Maddy's teacher "laughed at her answer and told her, 'Good point.'" This girl is definitely going places.