'Awkward' Will Jump Ahead One Year When Season 5 Returns

Will Matty and Jenna still be together? Is Val returning from her grand adventure? The summer after freshman year of college will tell all.

A student’s freshman year of college is host to some uniquely formative experiences: sitting in on perspective-changing lectures, spending all day with a crush in the corner dining hall booth and showing impressive restraint by not strangling your roommate when he drinks the last of your Coke Zero 12-pack (seriously…take a breath, recite an affirmation and move on). But where “Awkward” is concerned, we’ll have to settle for hearing it all from the horses’ mouths.

When Jenna, Matty and their Palos Hills pals return for the second half of Season 5 in 2016, time will have jumped ahead one year, and the gang (save for Jake, unless he undergoes a drastic change) will have completed Year One at their respective schools. And while summer vacation will leave a lot up to interpretation (MATTY AND JENNA STILL TOGETHER: Y/N?!), a few things are for certain: Jenna’s little brother or sister will be born, Jenna will still have a penchant for over-analyzing (“It’s complicated!” she insists above) and Sadie will still boast a tongue that’s as sharp as her outfits. You’re welcome.

Still, we’ve gotta know: Will Tamara and Adam have shown enough restraint to remain unmarried? Will Lissa and the big man upstairs still be as thick as thieves, or will Liss have submitted to the ubiquitous late-teens crisis of faith? Will Matty and Gabby have kicked ass on the field and court, respectively, or will the demands of college athletics have knocked them off course? It’s enough to send us straight to the academic adviser for answers!

Check out the preview above, tell us what you thought of last night’s finale and share what you’re hoping will happen when “Awkward” returns next year!