13 Times Josh Peck Knew You Better Than You Knew Yourself

You know you love Oprah.

You may know Josh Peck best as the chubby funny kid from Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh," but Peck, now 29, is a certified Vine star these days. Oh, and he's a total hottie.

When he's not making hilarious Vines with his friends, or tweeting out his words of wisdom -- "If you don't get sprinkles on your soft serve, did you even eat ice cream?" -- he's starring alongside Josh Stamos in Fox's charming new sitcom "Grandfathered."

For the '90s kids that grew up with Peck, however, he's been there through it all. After all, he knows a thing or two about an awkward adolescence. So in honor of Peck turning the big 2-9 today (Nov. 10), here are 13 times Josh Peck knew you better than you knew yourself:

  1. When you look at yourself in the mirror when no one is looking...

    If Kylie Jenner can rock those lips, so can you.

  2. When mom and dad give you the "emergency" card.


  3. When you see your crush and promise yourself this time will be different.

    **Don't forget to smile. Don't forget to smile. Don't forget to smile. Crap.**

  4. When you couldn't stop yourself from reading Oprah's list of Favorite Things... even though you could afford none of them.

    One day the money will come.

  5. When your friend says the dumbest thing and you're trying not to be mean about it, but...

    Snarky word vomit. It happens.

  6. When you try out for a sport to make your college application look more well-rounded.

    Try it, they said. It would be fun, they said.

  7. When you call out someone's B.S.

    Obliterate that nonsense. BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

  8. When you're really tired of repeating yourself to all these basics.


  9. When you find out "Hamilton" tickets are sold out for the next six months.

    Hey, at least you can listen to the soundtrack! [Sobs forever.]

  10. When you're trying out a new look.

    Haters, to the left.

  11. When you think no one will notice that you ate one of your roommate's granola bars.

    Oh, come ON. There were two left!

  12. When you and bae get into an argument and you KNOW that you're right.

    You simply can't be bothered to care.

  13. And finally, when you have the worst date imaginable and come home to find "Pride & Prejudice" is on TV.

    "I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine." Same, Lizzie. Same.