Is This Proof The 'Game Of Thrones' White Walker Army Will Be Back Next Season?

Two words: Zombie finale.

Ever since "Game of Thrones" began filming its sixth season, fans have been stalking the set and the surrounding city of Belfast for any evidence whatsoever of a live Jon Snow in the wild.

So intent has been the focus on JonSnowWatch 2015, many of us never even thought to ask after the whereabouts of other characters -- like, say, the giant invading horde of White Walkers who terrified us in "Hardhome" last year.

But now that we're thinking about it... where are those guys?

Thanks to a tweet from director Miguel Sapochnik, who helmed the episode that introduced us to the undead army of the North, we might just have our answer -- and our best clue as to where, when, and how the White Walkers will reemerge next season.

This pic of a clabberboard for Episode 610 (that's the finale, by the way) doesn't seem to give much away at first glance... until you see what's written on the bottom.

Of course, this might just be some kind of on-set in joke amongst the crew (i.e. all the units have fun nicknames that have nothing to do with the show's content.)

But we like to think that not only does this strongly suggest the presence of White Walkers in next season's finale, but also that there are so many of them that they need their own unit. And an entire unit's worth of White Walkers is a lot of White Walkers. Probably.

Like, definitely at least twenty White Walkers.