Lauren Conrad's Quick Tips For Creating The Perfect Instagram Photo


If you want to know how to snap, edit and share a flawless photo on Instagram, simply visit Lauren Conrad’s feed. The former “Hills” star, who says the app is her “favorite,” is a master when it comes to adding sweet updates from her life via her perfectly manicured images. Her wide-ranging collection of pics — including adorable pups, a fresh ‘do, delectable treats and floral ideas, to only name a few — are always juuuust right, and now, the successful entrepreneur is providing step-by-step tips on her blog that will have us all sharing stunning, envy-inducing photos in no time.

LC's basics include finding the right filter (a little hint: it ain't Lo-Fi), as well as correct cropping, nailing the appropriate composition, making sure the image is straight, creating a fitting caption (emojis are fine!) and, most importantly, keeping the pic simple.

“The best Instagrams on my feed usually don’t require much thought to figure out what’s happening in the photo,” the pro explains. In other words, less is more -- a mantra that always seems to suit the Cali girl in every aspect of her life.

Check out more tips from Lauren on her website, and happy Instagramming! May photos of your bracelet-filled wrist or your bundle of lavender look just as beautiful as hers.

Photo: Lauren Conrad's Instagram