JWOWW Opens Up About Frightening Pregnancy Complications


Jenni "JWOWW" Farley positively glowed on the 2014 MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Jenni Farley couldn't be more ecstatic about her bun in the oven -- a baby girl due in July -- but, to be blunt, her pregnancy has been the pits. Not only did she endure 24/7 nausea during her first trimester, causing a 9lb weight loss, but the "Snooki & JWOWW" star reveals on her blog that just as soon as she was feeling better physically, she got a terrifying call from the doctor that he'd discovered an issue with her last ultrasound picture: a cyst on her daughter's brain. As the doctor continued to speak, Jenni understandably broke down.

"At this point I honestly can’t tell u what he’s saying because I go numb and tears are just flowing," she recalls in her post. "I can’t even begin to try and stop the tears."

A sympathetic specialist squeezed Jenni in for an appointment the next day, and with fiancé Roger Mathews right by her side, she learned her baby had what's called a choroid plexus cyst, which occurs in about 1-2 percent of pregnancies but often disappears over time. The second part of the news was a relief, but Jenni says her heart still "felt heavy."

"Even though I know I did nothing to cause it, I felt guilty and so helpless," she writes.

And as if the last 24 hours weren't enough of an emotional roller coaster, the doctor noticed another problem as he was finishing up his exam. He explained to the couple that Jenni also had a "low-lying placenta," a condition clinically referred to as placenta previa in which the placenta partially or fully covers the cervix, blocking the birth canal and sometimes causing complications such as bleeding. The doc's prescription? No more sex.

If you know anything about Jenni and Roger's relationship, you understand the humor in this.

"I literally burst out laughing hysterically," the mom-to-be shares. "Roger swears I paid him to say [it] lmao."

This was undoubtedly the most trying time of her life, but after much worrying, Jenni can now say that her baby's cyst is no longer in sight, and the placenta previa has also corrected itself. "I’m no longer at risk (don’t tell Roger)… And here is my beautiful angel!" she wrote along with her little lady's latest head shot, below.

We're thrilled to hear that Jenni's finally through the woods -- here's to smoother times ahead!


Photos: Getty Images, JenniFarley.com