Johnny's 'Challenge' Confession: My 'Cutthroat' Bar Fight Was Its Own Gulag


Believe it or not, being fashioned into a backpack by CT wasn't "Challenge" vet Johnny Bananas' most harrowing tale from "Cutthroat." As you might remember, while out at a bar one night in the Czech Republic, JB wound up in a drunken fight with some locals, and in the "Challenge Confessions" clip below, he explains exactly how it happened: A stranger lodged the big mouth's finger in the bathroom door, and Johnny -- unwilling to swallow his pride and walk it off (shocker!) -- retaliated.

"That, then, turned into me knocking him down a flight of stairs, which then turned into his buddy punching me in my eye, which then turned into a huge melee between contestants on 'The Challenge' versus a band of misfits from the Czech Republic," the "Free Agent" cast member shares, adding that the debauchery earned him a gurney in a nearby hospital and a peeper stitched shut. The bright side? He managed to skirt hard time in an Eastern European prison.

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Photo: Ian Spanier