Pregnant JWOWW Is Showin' And Glowin' -- In REALLY High Heels [Photos]


Let it be said that not all pregnant women "glow." In the first trimester, many of them are too busy hugging the toilet bowl to give anyone a proper glimpse at a shimmery pore, and such was the case with Jenni Farley, who initially lost nine pounds due to the nausea ("I looked like hell and felt like I had a constant hangover!" she wrote on her blog in January). However, now that's she's feeling better, and smoothly sailing into her third trimester -- with BFF Snooki not far behind -- JWOWW has never looked more beautiful.

Only two months ago, the "Jersey" girl joked that her bun in the oven had yet to rise inside her tummy, but apparently, Jenni's daughter-to-be has overcome her shyness. These new pics show the "Snooki & JWOWW" star sporting a distinct baby bump while running errands in her signature sky-high heels. HOT MAMA!

It takes true skill for any woman to walk in shoes so fierce, so we commend the guidette for doing so this far into her pregnancy. Clearly she's trying to teach her little girl the fashionista basics by example!

Jenni, just be sure and kick those kicks off when you get home, k? Lower back pain is not your friend.


Photo: Eddie Mejia/Splash News