Snooki Confirms Pregnancy! MTV Star Expecting Second Child With Fiancé Jionni LaValle


Lorenzo is already pumped to become a big brother.

It's a good thing Nicole Polizzi is in the process of building a house, because raising TWO kids in her fiancé's parents' basement just ain't gonna cut it. Yep, you read that right...

Rumors have been circulating since February that the MTV star is pregnant, and this morning she finally confirmed that the buzz is legit: Snooki and Jionni LaValle are expecting their second child this fall!

The longtime couple, who met during "Jersey Shore" filming, are both ecstatic. "We wanted to have our second baby before our wedding, but it was taking forever," she tells us. "I went off birth control, but nothing happened, so of course once I started birth control again and we were done trying, we got pregnant!"

So, how will Snooki's bun in the oven affect her "Great Gatsy"-themed wedding, which is scheduled for shortly after her due date ("we're cutting it really close," she says)? Not one bit. The bride will sashay down the aisle just as planned, and judging by how quickly she stripped off the baby weight after delivering Lorenzo, she won't look a drop less spectacular. Guests should expect a good amount of crying and screaming, however -- with the bride's newborn, as well as Jenni Farley's little girl, who's due in July, in attendance, the ladies will need to divide their celebration time between the dance floor and diaper duty. But that was always the plan, anyway.

Back on Season 2 of "Snooki & JWOWW," just as Jenni was beginning to consider the perks of parenthood and right after Lorenzo was born, the best friends made a pact to get pregnant simultaneously (see video). "I wanna have sex the same night, so we can have our due dates close to each other," Nicole said to Jenni. Never accuse these two of being disorganized!

"Everything worked out and we're both really excited to go through this experience together," Snooki says now that their master plan is in full effect. The best part about it? The girls can motivate each other to stay healthy the whole way through.

"I definitely want to do this pregnancy different, and that [means] staying active," the tiny guidette shares. "I’m going to continue to work out with my trainer, Anthony Michael -- safely, of course -- and I’m going to try not to splurge as much as I did the first time."

Eh, have yourself a slice of cake, mama -- you deserve it.

+ For more from Snooki on her second pregnancy, including her reaction to the news leaking early, check out her Celebuzz website.

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