Tyler Posey Reads Your Sweet Tweets! [Video]


The "Teen Wolf" cast members have seen and heard it all from their very loyal fans, from your basic flattery (ya know, stuff like "I love you, please father my children") to indecipherable screaming interspersed with crying interspersed with hair-pulling and drooling. It's all part of the gig, and as far as Tyler Posey is concerned, it's one of the best parts. He LOVES his fans -- yep, even the fickle ones who can't decide if they'd rather marry him or Tyler Hoechlin (hey, you guys, ever heard of polygamy?) -- and continues to remain humble through the fame. Take the video below, for instance, in which the actor reads aloud a few sweet tweets from his followers. Not only is he impressed by their creativity, he's truly grateful for the shout-outs. Though, note to @CourtneyyySmall, who "can't wait" for him to be her "second husband": Give couples counseling a shot first.

Check out TyPo as he comes face-to-face with some of his fans' praise: