That Time We Blubbered Like Grown Babies Watching Kailyn And Javi's 'Teen Mom 2' Wedding


We warned you that tonight's "Teen Mom 2" would be a tearjerker, and we hope you listened when we told you to have some Kleenex handy. Because, if not, we imagine you currently look like a "Hills"-era Lauren Conrad mid-friendship breakup (damn you, mascara-tears!), and are blowing snot straight into your sweater sleeve.

Kailyn and Javi's wedding was perfection.

From the bride's exquisite mermaid-style dress (how fitting for an aquarium venue!) to the couple's touching vows, which were peppered with adorable whispers from the littlest groomsman, Isaac, we just about woke the neighborhood children with our high-pitched wailing. ("No, officer, there's no problem here -- we were just watching "Teen Mom 2"...)

Part of our emotional outburst had something to do with the fact that Kail, who's normally so together and composed, turned into a mushy ball of mush-mush before even walking down the aisle. "You're making me so happy!" she told her tuxedo-clad son through tears before he led her to the altar, where Javi was anxiously waiting, his eyes already watering as well. The moment gave us more #feels than the end of "The Notebook."


In the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" below, Kail and Javi reminisce on their "awesome" day, and each speak of their favorite part. We warn you, once again: Grab a tissue.

+ Watch the video, check out pics from Kail and Javi's wedding album and tell us what you thought of their ceremony.




Photos: Kate Hedrick