5 Reasons JWOWW Was Destined To Have A Daughter


Reason #6: The woman loves pink!

At first, the idea of Snooki raising a boy might have seemed a little funny, considering the guidette used to spend hours perfecting her pouf and applying her false eyelashes before lighting up the "Jersey Shore." But Nicole quickly proved that she was meant to mommy a mini-guido, and when news broke that her BFF JWOWW is expecting a girl, we knew it had to be fate. Here's why:

A preordained marriage.

Nicole and Jenni's plan to breed "SnookWOWW babies" is coming along perfectly! Sure, Lorenzo may be an older man, but if his mom has anything to say about it, he'll become a lifelong friend -- and possibly more -- to Jenni and Roger's daughter.

You can't play wiffle ball in heels. Or, you shouldn't.

While JWOWW's preference for sexy fashions makes it hard to envision her changing a diaper, it's infinitely more difficult to picture her playing basketball in a bandage dress or catching a football with acrylic nails. With any luck, her little one will prefer manicures to martial arts.

Three fabulous uncles.

With Snooki and JWOWW's wedding days on the horizon, the Gay Joeys will have few, precious occasions left to try on white, poufy dresses with their gals. Luckily, the birth of Jenni and Roger's baby will usher in a whole new era of wigs, makeup and, someday, more bridal boutique takeovers.

All those hand-me-downs!

While Jenni has certainly adopted a more mature look since her days in Seaside, we can't imagine she's completely cleared her closets of all the clingy club wear. Luckily, it only takes a few stitches and some ingenuity to turn a tube top into an adorable onesie, but we're not sure how much a baby boy would have appreciated being decked out in hot pink animal print.

The stress-induced salt-and-pepper 'do will look hot on Roger.

The baby isn't coming until the summer, but Roger's already anticipating how hard it will be to father an undoubtedly beautiful girl. "Been 4 years trying to figure out one girls brain. Now I get to try and figure out another one. Grey hair is in my immediate future," he joked on Twitter. Silver lining? We know JWOWW's into older dudes...perhaps a little grey above the ears will be just what she needs to spark her libido into trying for baby number two!

Photo: Ian Spanier