Seven 'Real World' Randos Who Made The Most Out Of Their 15 Minutes


Without fail, every time a "Real World" cast hits the town, they attract themselves some groupies. Just last week on the "Ex-Plosion" premiere, we saw this phenomenon in practice, as Jenny found herself in the company of Doug, a semi-uninvited house guest who took a dip in the hot tub and tried to comfort Drunk Ashley, before eventually getting the boot from Cory.

Doug's brief visit got us thinking about all of the other strange birds that have fluttered in and out of the "Real World" house over the seasons. From strippers to a dentally-challenged date to a band called the Orgasm Donors, we've recalled our favorites from the show's run. Below, check out a smattering of the most memorable randos in "Real World" history.


"Real World: New Orleans": David starts Stripperpalooza in the hot tub.

While "Come On Be My Baby Tonight" may be one of the most lampooned lines to ever be uttered on "Real World," a lack of songwriting prowess didn't stop David, a member of the original NOLA cast, from reeling in the ladies. The Louisiana lothario got his special birthday wish with not one but two strippers, who happily showed him all the fun things they learned at work. His housemates, however, didn't find his Jacuzzi party nearly as exciting as he did.

"Real World: Miami": Mike, Melissa and a waitress take a not-so-private shower.

After a flirtatious start to their cohabitation, roommates Mike and Melissa finally consummated their relationship with the help of a friendly waitress willing to lend their cause. Once Sarah, Flora and Dan caught wind of the friskiness going down in the house's shower, the trio tried to get closer to the action, but the plan failed when Flora's assets proved to be too ample for the window she was trying to squeeze through, and the whole thing came crashing down.

"Real World: Portland": Jordan and Marlon take some nice lesbians home to Johnny.

Despite building up quite a history of instigating feuds with his housemates, Jordan proved he could be a gentleman during a night out with Marlon at a local gay club. After being coaxed out of the house by a friendly mob outside their door, the boys found themselves enjoying their evening so much, they decided to bring the party -- which included two completely uninterested girls -- back home, providing a perfect chance for Johnny to make his move on Averey.


"Real World: San Diego": Randy invites his dentally-challenged date, Erin, back to the house.

Randy got a rude awakening when he found out his date didn't have a fully intact smile, yet despite his worries that he could take a piece of her with him when they started kissing, his fears subsided the second they went into full makeout mode.


"Real World: Seattle": The Orgasm Donors follow the group home.

Rebecca's innocent attitude and shy charm made her a tough nut to crack -- until the Orgasm Donors showed up, that is. After becoming enamored with Rebecca's cojones when she sang on stage, the aptly-named band followed her home and made themselves comfortable in the hot tub, where they helped Rebecca strip away her inhibitions (among other things), much to David's dismay.

"Real World: Boston": Genesis Falls in Love With Eve...and Adam.

Genesis, an openly gay woman, found herself attracted to Eve. This wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that Eve was actually her Boston pal Adam's drag persona, and Adam was gay, too. The two couldn't figure out their feelings for one another, so Gen invited him back to the house for a helpful tarot reading by Montana, which ultimately helped them clear up their relationship and led to a little spooning.


Honorable Mention: "Real World: Back to New York" Nicole offers Bobby her love...and vomit.

Even though Bobby was Nicole's friend from home, he was still a bit of a stranger to the "Real World" house, and what transpired between the two young lovebirds during his visit was just too good to leave out. When Bobby visited his old friend in NYC, he got more than he bargained for after Nicole drank more than she could handle. The poor guy just wanted to see Times Square and maybe get a little bit of nookie, but the only memento he took home from his trip was a pair of stained shoes, courtesy of Nicole's sensitive stomach.