Senior Year Will Be A Cinch For The 'Awkward.' Gang If They Heed These Resolutions


Whether it was Asian Mafia madness, bad-boy beaus or adults who refused to act like them, the "Awkward" gang had more than its fair share of drama over the past year. However, after Jenna kicked her ugly 'tude to the curb and everyone made it through prom relatively unscathed, it seemed as though a wave of new opportunity was on the horizon for the whole group. Here are some polite suggestions -- in the form of New Year's resolutions -- for how they can all make sure not to blow their senior year.

Jenna: Teenage hormones can cause a whole host of problems -- acne, weird body hair and, if you're Jenna Hamilton, the irresistible urge to suck face with your cute classmate in front of a whole house full of surprise party guests. We've seen Jenna get swept up in relationships with Matty, Jake and Collin, all of which met tragic ends. This year, Jenna's resolution should be to find out who she is without the help of a boyfriend, no matter how raw his writing or chiseled his abs.

Matty: Matty may have played it cool when he and Jenna first started getting down, but if time has proven anything about Palos Hills High's Mister Popularity, it's that he's got a bad case of Hamiltonitis. While taking Bailey to the prom was a good start, if Matty wants to keep his senior year sanity, he should resolve to remember why he and Jenna broke up and stick to being friends.

Jake: Jakara's brief split may have brought the couple closer together, but if he wants to keep his relationship going strong, he's going to have to start seeing his ride-or-die as more than just his glitter-happy first lady. In 2014, Jake needs to put his pride aside and let his woman shine to her fullest potential.

Tamara: Tamara proved this season that she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it -- even if achieving her dreams of political power ruin her relationship along the way. This year, if T wants to keep things on the up-and-up with Jake, she should resolve to practice the art of listening -- it's pretty clear she's got the talking end of things down pat.

Val: Val's finally gotten her job at PHHS back -- the only thing she has to do now is keep it. While the guidance counselor and Jenna's sister-style relationship may have been a formative experience for both parties, if she wants to maintain her employment status and not risk returning to her erstwhile position at the Beverage Barn, she might want to confine the unsolicited advice to after-school hours.

Sadie: Quit being such a bitch i.e. more of this, less of this.

Photo: Matthias Clamer