Snooki Teaches Her Son The Value Of A Good Book [Video]

Snooki and Lorenzo

The budding wordsmith in his element.

There are few things Snooki loves more than a good buns and guns session at the gym, but spending time with her little man, Lorenzo, is definitely one of them. That is, when he's not throwing stuff at her head. Just a few weeks ago, the adorable tot seemingly expressed a distaste for literary works by launching a book at his mom's face, but a recent Instavid from Snooks reveals that, despite his previous temper tantrum, 'Enzo is actually a voracious reader!

Snooki posted the clip below of her cutie revisiting the written word, along with a proud note declaring his academic pursuits. "Our morning ritual. Lorenzo runs over to me with his favorite touch and feel book and we read together. He's everything," she shared. We're glad to see Lorenzo's working on his status as an intellectual (it all starts with the peekaboo book!) rather than continuing to strong-arm his mama into submission -- let's just hope he holds off for a few more years before tearing into a copy of "Gorilla Beach"!

Photo and video: @SnookiNic