Holiday Gifts For The 'Girl Code' Fans In Your Life


Between waxing woes, perilous blind dates and the kind of headache you get from drinking anything with the prefix "flirt" attached to it, life as a lady can be tough. Luckily, the giving season is just around the corner, and if you've got a devout "Girl Code" follower on your list who could use some help sticking to the "Code," look no further than these pressies inspired by our hilarious band of XX talking heads.

1. The Wine Rack ($29.95 at Papa Bert) -- Brown bags are for suckers. Whether it comes in a bottle, can or box, your drink of choice (consider it grape juice if you're not in the 21+ club yet!) is no longer impossible to sneak into the movies or even a therapy appointment, thanks to this handy BYOB bust-adjuster. A cleavage enhancer that helps you skip the corking fee? Don't mind if we do.

2. Ex-Lover Voodoo Doll ($16.18 at Amazon) -- Breaking up ain't easy, especially around the holidays. If you've got a gal pal that's still not over her evil ex -- despite lighting his stuff on fire and memorizing every single Taylor Swift breakup ballad -- we know one thing she can do to feel better without risking arrest: Stick a pin in that turkey via this voodoo doll and keep on truckin'.

3. "Love Actually" 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray ($18.64 at B&N) -- Arguably The Greatest Christmas Rom-Com Of All Time, "Love Actually" is every girl's go-to feel-good holiday film. While most ladies might already have it on DVD, Blu-ray is totally a thing now, and why shouldn't we be able to get our annual Christmas cry through watching Colin Firth fall in love with his maid in high-def? Plus, there's a special edition ornament. WORTH IT.

4. Vintage Oversized Sunglasses ($9 at 80s Purple) -- Sometimes, even a diva wants to go unnoticed. Whether you're trying to avoid the neighbor whose holiday party you ghosted out on or looking to cover up the remnants of last night's eyeliner, these oversize sunnies are the perfect, no-words necessary way to say "no paparazzi, please."

5. Fast Flats ($27.99 at Dr. Scholl's) -- This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home and these three little piggies are screaming to cut loose after another torturous day in the prison that shoe designers call heels. Whether you're on your way home from the office or just a little unsteady on your feet after a night of dancing, these purse-friendly fold-up flats are the ideal addition to any perfectly-packed clutch.

6. Keep Your Shoes On Tee ($19.95 - $23.95 at the MTV Shop) -- Carly ushered in a new wave of shirt sass with her cat ice cream cone tee, but we're not about to rip off another girl's style just to make a statement. Try out this twofer "Keep Your Shoes On" tee -- a great shirt and an important reminder that could save you a trip to the emergency room, all in one adorable package.

7. Condom Caddy ($68 at Jonathan Adler) -- Presents aren't the only thing you've got to wrap up during the winter months! There's nothing wrong with a little holiday bump and grind, but if you're gonna get down and dirty, you better have the right equipment to stay safe -- and a rockin' holder to keep your nightstand looking cute and tidy while you do it.

Photos: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 80s Purple, Papa Bert, Dr. Scholl's, Jonathan Adler