Javi Marroquin Of 'Teen Mom 2' Preps For Daddy Duty With A Teddy Bear Swaddle [Photo]


Javi takes on swaddling like a man.

"Teen Mom 2" cast member Kailyn Lowry is an old pro when it comes to handling newborns, as she raised her son, Isaac, to school age (sniff, they grow up so fast...) like a boss, but her husband, Javi Marroquin, is just getting his sea legs after the couple welcomed Baby Lincoln into the world less than two weeks ago. Luckily, he's got a crack team helping him master the new frontier!

The proud new papa got in some swaddling practice with help from a teddy bear in the photo above that Kail shared on Instagram, and it looks like he's slowly but surely working his way up to "wearing" his own infant, as Kailyn captioned. While he prepped for daddy duty, Kail and a friend looked on to ensure he was giving ol' teddy the TLC he needed. Baby steps!

While swaddling may not be second nature to Javi yet, one part of being a father has come easily: basking in parental pride. Javi showed off a mini football with all of Lincoln's birth details on Instagram, writing, "Putting this in my office when I get back to work." From where we're standing, it looks like Javi's going to be the master of the nursery in no time.

Lincoln Football

Baby Lincoln's already being prepped for the pro-league.

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Photo: Kailyn Lowry's Instagram/Javi Marroquin's Instagram