Are 'Catfish''s Mike Bradley And 'Teen Mom 3''s Brittany Dejesus Crushing On Each Other? [Photos]

Britt and Mike

Holy height difference! Mike towers at least two feet over Brittany.

Brittany Dejesus of "Teen Mom 3" is hardly shy on social media about her quest for a decent man, often tweeting laundry lists of qualifications for the perfect boyfriend (in a nutshell: someone "who cooks, cleans, wipes my ass, kisses my ass, and buys me things"). However, her days of singing the blues about spending forever alone may be over, as it looks like she finally reeled in a guy that meets her high standards: fellow Florida resident and former "Catfish" dupee Mike Bradley! Keepin' it in the family, we see...?

Britt and her sister, Briana, met up with Mike, the "Catfish" softie who thought he found love with Caroline, for the first time over the weekend, and from the looks of it, a friendship for the ages was forged over bowling, piggyback rides and some flirtatious nose-picking. While it's still unclear if Big Mike is Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Height For Piggyback Rides, the two are pretty bummed to be apart post-weekend tryst. "I miss him already!" wrote Britt on her way back home. "Gonna miss looking at the top of your head," replied her gentle giant. Bawwwww!

+ Check out the pics and video of their bowling outing, and let us know what you think of this possible love connection!

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose...and you CAN pick your friend's nose!

Mike gives Brittany a lift across the room. Chivalry's not dead!

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Photos: @BigMike85 and @omgitsbritt