Vinny Guadagnino Posts Shirtless Before And After Pics Of His Trimmed Down Physique


Skinny Vinny!

Vinny Guadagnino has always been a lovable guy, but these days, there’s a whole lot less of him to love. Though he was never the gym rat his GTL-obsessed pals Ronnie and "The Situation" were during their "Jersey Shore" days, Vinny still kept things pretty tight, but after returning home to Staten Island, where he's fed endless amounts of homemade ricotta and rice balls by his first-generation Italian mom, it's been a whole different ballgame.

"The Show" host showed off three weeks worth of hard work on Instagram on Tuesday, posting side-by-side shirtless selfies, and he's giving the super slim Snooki a run for her money! "3 week cleanse!" Vin proudly informed his followers, and in a second comparison shot he credited his newly chiseled bod to dieting, cardio and lifting. We gotta hand it to the guy: Losing weight and toning up while sharing a house with Mama Paola can't be an easy feat. Have you seen her baked ziti? Kudos on the six-pack, Vin!

Vinny Pic 1

Bathroom selfies are the perfect way to track your physical transformation.

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Photos: Vinny Guadagnino on Instagram