Former Hillzies Heidi Montag And Jen Bunney Are Still Friends! [Photo]


Jen Bunney and Heidi Montag snap a dual-selfie.

Heidi Montag may have burned plenty of bridges on "The Hills," but it looks like one friendship the blonde bombshell formed during her Hollywood heyday survived her remarkable transformation from naive Colorado girl to Speidi's better half.

Despite feuding with everyone from bosses to roommates during her "Hills" tenure, Heidi managed to stay in the good graces of one of the show's other pot-stirrers: Jen Bunney. Jen, who became public enemy #1 when Lauren Conrad heard rumors that she'd hooked up with Brody Jenner (in Jen's defense, who hadn't hooked up with him?), recently posted the photo above of herself hanging out with Heids. Guess the "Girl Code" on boyfriends was meant to be broken once or twice...

While we're not holding our breath for an entire cast reunion, Heidi and Jen sticking together after both falling out with LC has seemed to serve them well. Lauren or no Lauren, these two have a bad-girl bond that can't be broken!

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Photo: Jen Bunney's Instagram