Check Out These Exclusive Backstage Pics From The 'Catfish' Season 2 Reunion!

Catfish Group Shot

The "Catfish" love hopefuls, Mike, Keyonnah, Nick and Aaliyah, gather for a group shot.

The tears, heartache and smashed Bow Wow albums that were left in the wake of "Catfish" Season 2 may not be the ideal foundation for new friendships, but these exclusive backstage photos from the upcoming reunion seem to defy the odds. The folks featured on the show's sophomore run are all smiles in the pics, and we're happy to see that some good was able to spring out of all the drama.

That's not to say that the reunion itself will be void of confrontation, though. The "Catfish" and their prey were kept in separate rooms backstage, and while the like-minded individuals kicked back in their respective hangouts and got along swimmingly, we can't guarantee it'll be the same once they're all on one stage together. Will Dee Pimpen be able to win back Keyonnah's trust? Have Aaliyah and Alicia mended fences? While the teaser below focuses on what could be a really happy ending for golden couple Derek and Lauren (!!!), with some of the fiery personalities that Nev and Max met throughout the season, we know s**t is gonna go down.

Check out the clip and don't miss the "Catfish" Season 2 reunion on Tuesday, October 15 at 11/10c, right after the season finale!

Lauren and Derek

Lovebirds Lauren and Derek share a sweet kiss backstage.

Keyonnah and Aaliyah

Aaliyah and Keyonnah look beautiful before getting on the "Catfish" reunion set.

Melissa, Dee, and Alicia

The "Catfish," Melissa, Dee and Alicia.

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