Leah Calvert's Twins Reel In Two Big Catches On A Family Fishing Trip! [Photos]

Ali and Aleeah

Aleeah proudly presents her sister's fish.

Leah Calvert's girls are growing up country! The "Teen Mom 2" cuties, who recently started Pre-K, are celebrating the last few days of the warm weather by bonding over some outdoor activities, and no sport's too slimy for this daring duo.

Aleeah and Ali spent the weekend catching their dinner on the high seas (or, more likely, a West Virginia lake) while their proud parents looked on at their cool, collected nature in the face of the water's ickiest beasts. But don't let their adorable outfits fool you into thinking these girls are just about fashion. The two kiddos clearly already have their sea legs, and managed to each reel in a catch of their own! While Aleeah posed for the photo below with her fish -- albeit, at a safe distance -- Ali was a bit more nervous around her slippery new friend, and leaned on her sister for some help snapping a casual pic with the squirmy pal. "Sissy Grace on the assist!" Leah captioned the photo above. Now that's what we call sisterly love.

 Check out all the sweetness!

Gracie Fish

Aleeah shows off her catch of the day.

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Photos: Leah & Jeremy Calvert Fanpage