Heidi Montag Practices Her Come-Hither Pose While Lounging Poolside [Photos]


Isn't this how everyone casually lounges by the pool?

Long before Brody Jenner was "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or Kristin Cavallari was somebody's mom, there was a magical little place called "The Hills" where dreams were born and broken, and the Heidi Montag we know today was built from scratch. And while most of the gang has moved on, Heidi remains the same bubbly blonde Colorado girl who loves all the glamour that California has to offer: sun, surf, Spencer Pratt and being totally caught off-guard by photographers who happen to catch her acting way natural in her teeny-weeny gold leopard print bikini.

The blonde bombshell may not be living the high life these days thanks to Speidi's 10 million dollar Mayan mistake, but she proved she's making the most of what her mama (and some doctors) gave her in a series of new pics she totally didn't know were being taken. In the shots, Heidi looks positively carefree as she lounges alone by a pool while doing her best sexy mannequin impression, and shows every water-themed Barbie the right way to soak up some sun: with pointed toes and a hyper-extended back, of course!

Check out more of Heidi's relaxed poolside style below:


Heidi checks her Twitter, we're guessing.


Heidi stretches her glutes before diving in.

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 Photos: Splash News