'Teen Mom 3' Tot Arabella Sekella Busts A Move On The Mats At Gymnastics Class [Video]


Bellie shows off her "Rocky"-inspired pre-workout gear.

As a dance teacher, Alex Sekella of "Teen Mom 3" is constantly keeping in shape, but her daughter, Arabella, is taking physical fitness to adorable new heights. The amazingly ambitious tot, who announced her intention to run for president not too long ago, may now have another career goal in the works: competing at the Olympics!

In a video that's so cute you might flip, little Bellie shows off the strength she's built up from two years of lifting Legos and exploring with Dora, and we've got to say, we may have the next Gabby Douglas on our hands! Not only does she land a back-walkover like a seasoned pro, the multi-talented tyke also shows off her superior crawling, hopping and screaming skills with the ferocious spirit of a true champion. Girl's got the eye of the tiger!

Check out Arabella's gymnastics prowess:

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Photo: Alex Sekella's Instagram