Gear Up For Season 2 Of 'Girl Code' With These Hilarious Bloopers [Video]


The cast of “Girl Code” always seem to be having a good time, but we now have definitive proof of how much fun goes on behind the scenes of the hilarious show. The series returns on October 29 to help you navigate the world of lady politics, but for those fans who can’t wait a whole month for the brutally honest advice your BFFs are sometimes too scared to give, we’ve got just the thing to tide you over: a blooper reel!

If you’re feeling bad about your own ability to keep your head off your desk, or to even locate your desk, remember that even the quick chicks of "Girl Code" have their rough days on the job. But whether it's Carly unable to keep a straight face while delivering the deliciously bitchy reminder that your haters are just trying to make you a better person, Jamie getting tongue-tied while telling you to keep your hands off your friends' exes or Jessimae worrying that somebody's peeing nearby, these sassy comediennes still manage to look stylish while messing s**t up. Girl code.

Check out the videos below to see their missed cues, laughter and, of course, unabashed profanity, and don’t forget to tune in for the season premiere of “Girl Code” on October 29 at 11/10c!

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