'Catfish' Poll: Did Jesse And Brian Have Sex Too Soon?


Internet relationships are tricky business. "Catfish" has taught us time and again...and again...and again...that the person you think you love might not be who they claim to be, like, in the slightest. Plus, even with cases such as Lauren and Derek's happy ending or tonight's story of Jesse and Brian, who turned out to be every bit the people they asserted, having an online and IRL relationship are two totally different beasts. The first face-to-face meeting might as well be treated like a blind date, and what's one of the golden "Girl Code" rules of dating? KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED 'TIL YOU'VE BEEN OUT THREE TIMES...if you want him to stick around.

When Nev and Max caught up with a fresh-faced Jesse the morning after the big reveal, she was coy but transparent about the fact that she and Brian consummated their union the previous night. "You gotta test drive the car before you buy it," she joked to the love detectives, who made sure to tell Jesse that this was a first for "Catfish," and that it was also, indeed, a pretty big deal.

Though Jesse and Brian seemed totally in love while still in Alabama, the update at the end of the episode showed that their relationship had fallen apart just two days after Jesse drove all the way from Pennsylvania to be with him. And it got us thinking...maybe there's some merit to the three-date rule? Had the two not done the deed so early on, perhaps that final element of mystery would have given them something to look forward to. Or maybe they just weren't right for each other, and sex had nothing to do with it.

+ So what do you think? Did getting it on right away spell disaster for Jesse and Brian? Take our poll, and sound off in the comments!

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