'Teen Mom' Briana Dejesus' Daughter Lights Up The Room With Her Best Dance Ever [Video]


Nova is hands down the cutest Directioner ever.

Just when we thought Katie Yeager's daughter, Molli, might be the only dancing queen in the new crop of "Teen Mom 3" tots, Briana Dejesus' sassy lady, Nova, threw down some of her own moves yesterday. Clearly there's more to this little diva than princess dresses and major 'tude -- her dance-floor skills are so solid they'd easily lure in a circle of cheerful onlookers.

In the all-too-adorable Instagram video below, Nova proves it's never too early to pick a side in the battle of the boy bands, and giddily hops along to One Direction's "Best Song Ever" in a frilly pink leotard and tutu. "Dancing to #1D," Briana wrote along with the clip, and we're sure if the British boys caught wind of Nova's stellar choreography to their new hit, they'd ask her to come up with a routine for their next video -- maybe the resident "Teen Mom 3" dancerAlex Sekella, can oversee the whole thing! With this many rhythmic casties in the bunch, we think the whole group should start a troupe...just in case "America's Best Dance Crew" ever strikes back.

Check out Nova's smooth moves, and don't miss the premiere of "Teen Mom 3" on August 26 at 10/9c!

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Photo: Briana Dejesus' Instagram