Vinny Guadagnino's New Music Video Begs The Question: Would You Still Love Him With 'No Versace'?


Vinny Guadagnino mixes some beats with Austin Mahone on "The Show."

While Vinny Guadagnino has seamlessly transitioned from "Jersey Shore" partier to talk show host in a matter of months, his rise to the top is far from over. Not long after teasing a new artistic project on Twitter yesterday ("I'm about to show you guys another side to me in a few minutes..." he wrote), "The Show with Vinny" feature revealed what he's been up to when celebs aren't sitting at his dinner table: making sweet, sweet music.

Vin tweeted his new video, "No Versace," a take on Migos and Drake's "Versace," explaining, "You guys don't know this about me but I love making music. I haven't really done it publicly...because I don't want to be another person putting out songs just because I'm on TV." The song explores the differences between the Staten Island native's life before and after fame, and how difficult it apparently is to land a lady who wants him for more than the contents of his wallet -- though we can't imagine a girl who wouldn't want to date him, designer duds or not. Whether it's his suave interview style, mama's boy mentality or sensitive nature, there are countless reasons we love our Vinny! Even if his mom still does his laundry.

+ Check out the vid, and let us know what you think of Vin's foray into music.

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