Rob Dyrdek Trades Clip Reels For The Street League Championships In New Documentary [Trailer]


Rob Dyrdek attends the premiere of "The Gymkhana FIVE" last month.

What does Rob Dyrdek do when he's not cracking wise about mindless, sperm-crushing stunts on "Ridiculousness"? Does he retreat into Big's warm, cuddly arms? Spend hours grinding abandoned rails in his "Fantasy Factory," Chanel West Coast's latest beats booming in the background? Probably. But he's also busy making Hollywood magic.

Rob and a group of the world's most talented skateboarders, including Ryan Sheckler, have teamed up for Adam Bhala Lough's skate doc, "The Motivation," which follows eight elite skaters as they prepare for the Street League Skateboarding competition (founded by Rob in 2010). The contest offers the largest prize of any of its kind, providing some serious incentive to make some dough -- and boarding history to boot.

"Becoming a street league champion is the most prestigious thing that could happen in all of competitive skateboarding," Rob says in the film's trailer below. "It doesn't matter how good you've done all year; can you be the best on this day? And if you are, you are the champion forever."

Check out "The Motivation" when it opens in limited release on July 30, or catch it On Demand or on iTunes on August 6.

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Photo: Getty Images