Kick-Ass Chick Of The Week: Blind Teen Marlana VanHoose Creates Beautiful Music For Lost Souls

Among the mighty feats that MTV's "Girl Code" accomplishes is empowering its viewers to laugh off their insecurities and embrace their inner superstar. There's a kick-ass chick in all of us, so each week, we're shining the spotlight on one newsworthy woman who deserves a standing ovation. And some cake. Cake is good. Take a look at our latest pick!

Marlana Vanhoose

Raw musical talent is a rare and amazing thing. Certain artists — Adele, Alicia Keys and, yes, let us not forget Bon Jovi — have the ability to get an entire football stadium of fans swaying to their sounds, cigarette lighters in hand. However, 17-year-old Kentucky native Marlana Vanhoose turns the awe-factor up to 11 every time she sits in front of a piano because Marlana can't even see the instrument she plays so beautifully.

The golden-voiced teen was born blind and diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, but she never let either disadvantage get in the way of her aspirations. Starting at the age of 2, Marlana taught herself to play the piano. "I play by ear," she explains in the video below. "God taught me to play the piano." In 2011, Marlana kicked off the Kentucky Special Olympics with a rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home," and has since performed at basketball games, NASCAR races and many other events.

While many in her position could find reason to focus on what they lack, Marlana says that what inspires her most is helping those who have struggles greater than her own. "I like to give people hope and strength to live from singing, and from encouraging people," she says. "I genuinely sing to people who are lost. That probably helps a lot of people feel like they're found."

Check out Marlana's incredible talent!

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Source: Marlana Vanhoose Photobucket