Kick-Ass Chick Of The Week: Mom Photographs Daughter As Great Women In History [Photos]

Among the mighty feats that MTV's "Girl Code" accomplishes is empowering its viewers to laugh off their insecurities and embrace their inner superstar. There's a kick-ass chick in all of us, so each week, we're shining the spotlight on one newsworthy woman who deserves a standing ovation. And some cake. Cake is good. Take a look at our latest pick!


Emma Moore as the patriotic Susan B. Anthony.

When Texas photographer Jaime Moore wanted to give her daughter, Emma, definitive proof that girls can grow up to become strong women who change the world, she didn't look to fairy tales or Disney movies (though we bet she'd have a thing or two to say about Disney's "Brave" Princess Merida makeover controversy). Instead, she crafted her own lesson from history books.

Hoping to gift Emma something for her fifth birthday that would outlive her Barbie dolls, she used her daughter as a model to stage "Not Just a Girl," a series of photo portraits styled after five important women in history. No sparkly dresses or tiaras needed, just inspiring stories from Jane Goodall, Susan B. Anthony, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart and Helen Keller.

Throughout the shoot, Jaime made sure to teach her daughter lessons about the obstacles each woman had to overcome to reach their goals, and how their lives impacted the future of women everywhere. But of all the photos posted on Jaime's professional website, one color portrait stands out most: Emma, dressed in modern clothing, wearing a button bearing the slogan "Emma for President 2044." If her mom rubs off at all, POTUS is a definite possibility!

Check out the portraits:


Emma Moore as the inspirational Helen Keller.


Emma Moore as the fabulous designer, Coco Chanel.


Emma Moore as legendary pilot Amelia Earhart.


Emma Moore as the revolutionary anthropologist, Jane Goodall.


And finally, Emma Moore as Emma Moore! Future KAC and potential POTUS.

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Photos: Jaime Moore Photography