Kick-Ass Chick Of The Week: Angelina Jolie, For Coming Forward About Her Double Mastectomy

Among the mighty feats that MTV's "Girl Code" accomplishes is empowering its viewers to laugh off their insecurities and embrace their inner superstar. There's a kick-ass chick in all of us, so each week, we're shining the spotlight on one newsworthy woman who deserves a standing ovation. And some cake. Cake is good. Take a look at our latest pick!


Angelina Jolie at the Women in the World Summit last month.

There are plenty of reasons to think Angelina Jolie is a kick-ass chick -- she's a humanitarian, an action star and never has a hair out of place, despite being a mom to six -- SIX -- kids. And let's not forget her earlier days as an openly bisexual, blood vial-wearing wild child. The public can't get enough of her, and now, she's given us one more reason to bow down. Earlier this week, Angie courageously announced in a New York Times op-ed entitled "My Medical Choice" that she'd undergone a preemptive double mastectomy.

In the piece, the actress revealed that doctors discovered she carried the BRCA1 gene, a predictor of breast cancer, and estimated that she had an 87 percent chance of developing the disease. Having lost her mother to cancer at a relatively young age, Angelina knew that preventative treatment was the smartest way to go, so she opted for a double mastectomy and reconstruction, in which tissue is removed from each breast and replaced with implants.

Angie's brave choice comes as a strong reminder to everyone that our health is our most valuable asset, and that taking radical steps to ensure our longevity is an incredibly important thing to do. Quite simply, she's one bad-ass mutha.

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Photo: Getty Images