Deena Cortese Cups A Handful Of Her Dog's Baby Teeth [Photo]


Poor little Cali's one step closer to dentures.

For some, their pets are their children, to be doted on just as much as any human being. But recently, Deena Nicole Cortese of "Jersey Shore" proved her animal-obsession hovers above the rest. Deena took her puppy love to a whole new level when she scooped up the relics of her dog's gum-line, and snapped a pic for her Twitter followers. By the looks of things, her little one's gonna make a killing from the Tooth Fairy.

"Aww Cali's starting to lose her baby teeth! #6months," D tweeted alongside the photo above. They grow up so fast, don't they?

As all proud mothers are wont to do, Deena will surely be saving Cali's chompers; one fan even recommended she craft a piece of jewelry out of them. Cuz that's not creepy at all.

+ Check out the photos, and leave your Get Well Soon wishes for Cali in the comments!


The adorable (and nearly toothless) Cali.

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Photos courtesy of @DeenaNicoleMTV