Crystal Reed On Her 'Teen Wolf' Character's Vendetta [Video]

After seeing how Allison rebelled against the hunter's code and ruthlessly attacked Boyd during last night's episode of "Teen Wolf," it seemed that the teen beauty had willfully crossed the point of no return. Even though she's spent the majority of Season 2 refusing to side with her family in an epic battle between man and beast, she couldn't ignore the fact that a werewolf--Derek--killed her mother. So, following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Gerard, Allison began her dark journey toward retribution.

But is this the right path for her? "What do you do when someone kills your mom?" Crystal Reed contemplates in the cast interviews below. "I don't think that Allison believes that she's gone too far." But costar Dylan O'Brien, who plays Stiles Stilinski, certainly doesn't find her new behavior acceptable. "She's even going against her father's code, she's almost stepping into Gerard's role," he says.

+ Watch the clip to hear more of the cast's comments on Allison's changing personality, then share whether or not you're behind her plot for revenge!

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