Catelynn Denies Rumors That She And Tyler Are On The Rocks

'This is crazzzzy lol people love making stuff up,' Catelynn Lowell tweeted.

It's hard to walk by a newsstand and not notice the slick trough of weeklies constantly boasting gossip about your favorite celebutantes--we're certainly guilty of looking--and while some rags hold factual accuracy to a higher standard than others, a lot of content that gets printed is neither fair nor true. We've brought up the issue many times before--back in 2010, we even asked Remote Control readers if the tabloids should stop scrutinizing Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn (74 percent of you said yes at the time).

Catelynn Lowell, who's been in a committed relationship with longtime beau Tyler for many years, isn't satisfied with simply laughing off the many rumors, as people tend to advise--in fact, she has a real bone to pick with the press. Earlier this week, the "Teen Mom" cast member tweeted a photo from the inside pages of a popular magazine that suggested her engagement was off, and coupled it with the following note: "SUCH A LIE ARE YOU FOR REAL? Lmao this is so stupid. R u serious OK magazine?" Then she wrote the following 140-character messages to further defend their love. Case closed.

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Photo courtesy of @CatelynnLowell