'Teen Wolf' Poll: Can Jackson Whittemore Be Saved?

Now that Gerard's holding down the fort as the soulless sheriff in town, he's focused on one goal--avenging his daughter's death by killing Derek and his pack. Committed to this vision, Allison's grandfather threatened to have the Kanima mercilessly murder someone on tonight's episode of "Teen Wolf" if Scott didn't help him take down the Alpha.

So while the new bench warmer was weighing his grim options and trying to devise a plan to keep his reptilian enemy from clawing at another innocent's flesh, recently resuscitated (and significantly weaker) Peter Hale appeared to have developed a heart of some sort. Peter wanted to help his lone family member stay alive and reminded Derek that if Jackson were saved, he would be too.  All the lost lizard needed was to reconnect with selfless, authentic human love.

+ Do you think there's any truth to Peter's notion, or is Jackson in way too deep to be rescued? Take the poll!

Can Jackson be saved?

  • Yes, he just needs to feel Lydia's affection.
  • No way!

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