Jenni Pokes Fun At Snooki's (Mis)Understanding Of The Sky [Sneak Peek]

Every year, sun-worshiping guidettes are forced to endure the East Coast's wintry wrath. It's an unfortunate occurrence, but luckily, there's always spring break to look forward to. Some spray-tanned goddesses flee the tri-state area and head down to the southern states, while others pack up and leave the U.S. entirely, which is what Snooki and best bud JWOWW decided to do during the most recent episode.

Now that Eunice has her passport and the globe-trotting girls' warm-weather getaway is in full effect, there's nothing for them to do but kick back, relax and...ponder the sun and moon. In this sneak peek of Thursday's episode, the American travelers take in an impressive fire show while dining al fresco, and when Snooki asks a silly question about the solar system, Jenni takes a jab at her roommate's astronomy skills. (Hey, at least she knows a thing or two about UV light.)

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