Desperate Boy Wants An Internet Girlfriend, Preferably Snooki [Video]

Whether this plea for a sting of cupid's arrow is sincere or not is hard to say, but Jared, YouTube's most hopeless romantic, hasn't given up on tracking down his soulmate, either on the internet or IRL. Even if it means airing his embarrassingly dirty laundry over the webs.

His last relationship didn't exactly pan out as he'd hoped, but Jared hasn't lost faith in the chase and explains what the girl of his dreams looks like in this cry for love (which, the farther you watch, gets increasingly more offensive so consider this your friendly warning). "I like my tan girls, like if you're covered in fake tan that's kind of OK," he shares, before saying that he thinks Snooki is hot (evidently he's not thrown off by the fact that she's engaged and mere weeks away from becoming a mom). But if (and when) she's not interested, the heartbreak kid says he's also into the underworld, so perhaps he'd dig someone from "Teen Wolf?" Look at us playing matchmaker!

(Depending on where you work, you may want to keep your headphones on for this...)

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