'Awkward.' Poll: Is Jenna Really In Love With Jake?

It's the question that haunts every hormone-charged teen and even adults in the singles scene: How long should you wait to have sex with the person you're dating?

Is it six months? Six days? 'Til marriage?

The question gnawed at Jenna Hamilton, Palos Hills' fickle romantic, during tonight's episode of "Awkward," especially since she was still confused about her feelings for Jake. Ultimately, she convinced herself that the only way she'd know whether or not she loved him was to bump uglies. The last guy she did it with was armpit-sniffing Matty, and she was whipped, so why wouldn't the same logic apply to this new relationship?

But just as Jenna was ready to throw caution to the wind and shed her undies in the back of a minivan, Jake stepped up and told her that if she wasn't ready, they didn't have to go through with it. (Not yet, at least.) In that moment, J-Town finally got her answer--she was in lurrrrrve.

+ Jenna's been known to second-guess her emotions, so do you think she's truly feeling it, or is she just lying to herself because, well, who wouldn't die to have a boyfriend like Jake? Take the poll!

Do you think Jenna's really in love with Jake?

  • Yeah, def.
  • No, her feelings are too fickle.

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