Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Snooki's Got A Big Announcement

For those times when Twitter, Facebook and Thursday nights at 10 p.m. just aren't enough to sate your Snooki craving, Ustream is now offering another place to get your fix. Tonight! Girl's going LIVE at 8 p.m. EST, and we have no intention of missing it.

So what's the occasion? Well, we're not entirely sure, but based on the hints Snooks has been dangling all over the internets ("I'll be LIVE on Ustream this Thursday 8pm est. I'm so happy to share some exciting news with u guys!"), the eight-months-pregnant meatball's got some seriously juicy gossip she's ready to drop. Previously, we heard mutterings that the "Jersey Shore" star is considering filming the birth of lil' Lorenzo...could that be the big bomb? Or maybe she secretly eloped in Vegas with Jionni? (If so, there better be pics.) Whatever it is, we'll be cozied up to our laptop with a plate of pickles.

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