'Real World' Poll: Are Robb And Marie Hindering Brandon's Sobriety?

Someone who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse and finally decides to attend an AA meeting should probably/definitely think twice about spending St. Patrick's Day with two binge-drinkers. Right? Right. So where was Brandon's common sense when he opted to soberly honor Irish culture by lurking inside of a bar instead of dancing at a parade with his only-moderately-sloshed "Real World" roommates?

Smart decision-making wasn't B-Town's priority tonight, though, and when spending the boozing holy day with inebriated Robb and Marie put Brandon in a dry, self-pitying funk, it was pretty obvs that he should've reconsidered his itinerary. Even the friggin' bartender thought so!

In the clip below from this week's "Real World: St. Thomas After Show," Robb and Marie confess that they probably weren't the best pick of friends for Brandon at that point in his life. "We wanted to support him, but we didn't want to support him," they say, boldly. "He could've easily went and marched in the parade with the Sober Sallys, but he chose to hang around the cool kids," Marie adds with a smile. We'll take that as a They Felt Half-Bad.

+ What do you think? Should Robb and Marie be more considerate of their roommate's struggle, or is it Brandon's full responsibility to maintain his sobriety? Take the poll and check out the video!

Are Robb and Marie a bad influence on Brandon?

  • No, he's an adult. Staying sober is up to him.
  • Yes, they weren't supportive at all!

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